Misinformation in Science and Society

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Modern science is increasingly surrounded by controversial public debates about its societal applications and political implications. Genetically modified organisms, artificial intelligence and COVID-19 have been a powerful illustration of how unprepared many societies are for what the WHO has called an infodemic — the onslaught of information, some correct, much of it incorrect or misleading — that makes it difficult for citizens to separate signal from noise when it comes to identifying the best available science. This class will explore how we make personal and political decisions in the midst of this infodemic. How does misinformation get created and spread? How does it influence our choices and behaviors related to scientific topics? And are their possible interventions? Using case studies and current examples, students will apply what we discuss to identify misinformation in concrete contexts and strategize about how to correct misperceptions and prevent the spread of misinformation.

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This course is designed for students interested in learning more about the world around them, political processes, science and social movements. The course is run in partnership with the Department of Life Sciences Communication at UW–Madison.

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