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Badger Precollege Online

No online courses are available for 2024.

Badger Precollege is pleased to offer engaging online courses to students in grades 9-12.
Each live online course includes high-quality educational and social content to help prepare students for the college experience — all backed by the academic reputation of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Classes are offered synchronously, meaning that students are together in the same virtual classroom at the same time. Along with synchronous instruction, courses include homework to be completed outside of class. Check out a sample daily schedule below!

Students will connect daily through activities and ice breakers with other students in the program. Group experiences can include small group discussion and collaboration to make each session interactive. Additionally, as with other Badger Precollege Programs, students will always have access to administrative staff, community managers and instructors to help facilitate student success and connection.


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Upcoming Classes

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Students in grades 9-12



Application Deadline

June 1

Learn about scholarship assistance.

Course sessions run from 5 p.m.–6:30 p.m. CST on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Each evening will focus on instructional time in the course area of your choosing, then include college preparation sessions and informal activities based on student interest, and opportunities to get to know your fellow students. Students can expect to complete some course work outside of the course sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays.

A limited amount of need-based financial aid funds are available to domestic students. We are unable to provide scholarships to international students at this time.

You may apply for a scholarship in one of two ways. If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, please complete and submit the DPI Financial Aid Form.

If you are not eligible for free or reduced lunch, submit the first page of the 1040 form from the most recent year’s tax return. If any extenuating circumstances apply and are not reflected on the tax return, please also submit a letter of explanation.

All scholarship applications are due with a complete program application by May 15, 2021. Scholarship application materials should be submitted to the Badger Precollege office.

There is a nonrefundable application fee or deposit required for all courses. Refunds may take up to eight weeks to process, starting from the time a written request is received by the Badger Precollege office.

Badger Precollege reserves the right to cancel classes when necessary, including those for which enrollment numbers are not sufficient, or those for which a highly qualified instructor is unavailable. In the case of course cancellations, we will be happy to help you choose an alternative course. If no acceptable alternative is available, we will refund any tuition paid, minus any non-refundable application fees or deposits.

There is a nonrefundable application fee or deposit required for all courses. Refunds may take up to eight weeks to process, starting from the time a written request is received by the Badger Precollege office.

Refund Schedule

All program applications must be accompanied by the nonrefundable application fee before they can be processed.

Period Percent of Refund
Withdraw during the period of registration up to one month prior to the first day of the program: 100% refund

Full refund will also be issued in the following cases, regardless of date:

  • A course of choice is canceled.
  • All course choices are closed.
  • Financial aid is not adequate for participation.
  • Student injury or illness.
Withdraw during the period of one month prior to the first day of the program – two weeks before program start 90% refund

Nonrefundable 10% is used to cover class supplies, books, transportation and teacher salary costs incurred during this period of program planning.

Withdraw during the period of two weeks before program start – opening day of camp 80% refund

Nonrefundable 20% is used to cover risk management fees, University Health Services fees, class supplies, books, transportation, and teacher salary costs incurred during this period of program planning.

Other No refund

Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for any refund. Students voluntarily leaving while the program is in session are not eligible for any refund.

Support for international participants

At Badger Precollege, we provide international students with engaging coursework and programming while offering different levels of support to ensure the best experience possible. In addition to the traditional program opportunities, international students have access to:

  • A Badger Precollege Community Manager who will work closely with international students to create a fun and educational atmosphere while in the program. The Community Manager will be available for students to communicate any ideas, concerns, or issues relevant to the programs.
  • An orientation session that covers all relevant information for the program and any questions that students or their families may have. It will cover technologies used in the program, what to expect within each synchronous course set up, expectations for the program and work done outside of course time, time zone set up, and many other topics.
  • Specific activities dedicated to creating awareness around different cultures and individual sessions that introduce the culture and community of Madison and the University.

English proficiency recommendations

To be successful in the Badger Precollege Online Program, we suggest that students demonstrate at least intermediate-level English through a minimum TOEFL score of 80 or IELTS score of 6.5 or Duolingo English Test score of 105. If you do not have a test score available but would like to see if your English is proficient for the program, you may request a phone or video interview with program staff.

Time zone considerations

Badger Precollege Online requires students to participate in online synchronous learning during central time on the days listed. Please use this tool to take this into consideration if you live in another time zone.

Frequently Asked Questions


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How will COVID- 19 impact Badger Precollege Online?

Because this program is fully online, you can expect no cancellations or changes to our program due to COVID-19.

Online learning

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What is the online program like?

Classes are held synchronously, meaning that you will be in the same virtual classroom with other students at the same time. Classes include small and large group discussions, collaborative projects and short lectures so students can connect and engage with one another.

What technology is required for the online program?

We ask that you have access to a reliable internet connection. Chromebooks, Windows, Linux and Apple computers are all welcome.

Is this program completely online?

Yes. You do not need to be in Madison or on campus to take this program.

Why should my student take an online precollege program?

Online precollege programs ensure your student and family’s physical safety from COVID-19. They also provide an opportunity to learn from and engage with experienced instructors and peers, and to prepare for college — academically, financially, socially and culturally.

Course offerings

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What will students gain from these programs?

All students gain a more full understanding of the college experience at UW–Madison and beyond. Elementary and middle school students will expand their educational horizons, learning about subjects that will help them succeed in their journey to college. Classes cover topics that aren’t typically offered until high school or later, giving students a head start in exploring their academic future.

High school students will have the opportunity to learn about the college admissions process, financial aid applications, campus life and more. Our courses showcase the many topics students can study in college, giving students an advantage in deciding their college major.

Are students assigned homework outside of class?

Yes. In some of our courses, students will be asked to complete work outside of class. This typically will be no more than 30-60 minutes per night, but the level of homework is dependent on the course.

Why are the high school programs noncredit?

Noncredit programs allow students to take a college-level course without having to worry about the pressure of grades or exams. This helps give students the space to explore new subjects and areas of interest. Rather than grades, students receive personalized feedback on assignments and papers.