Preteen school girls link arms walking down the hall


chancellor mnookin standing behind a lab table, talking with students in a classroom

Chancellor Mnookin attends classes with Badger Precollege students

The chancellor’s visit showed how UW–Madison is committed to helping precollege students learn about the university and the world around them.

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Madison 365 logo

Latino Youth Summit previewed in Madison365

Madison365 spoke with Badger Precollege staff about the annual Latino Youth Summit for middle school students — and how it helps young learners prepare for college and career.

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A female instructors walks between tables of Latinx middle school students, encouraging their work during UW–Madison's Latino Youth Summit.

Latino Youth Summit invites middle schoolers to explore college

La Cumbre de la Juventud Latina invita a estudiantes de secundaria a explorar la universidad.

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Elliott Frank stands smiling in the foreground. He is wearing a UW Marching Band uniform and has snare drum attached to his front. The the blurred background there are other members of the UW Marching Band, in the stands while watching an unseen event.

Summer Music Clinic helps alum snare his place in UW Marching Band

Now a member of the UW Marching Band drumline, Elliott Frank says SMC helped him get comfortable with campus — and the audition process.

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A diverse group of middle school students walks down a sidewalk on campus smiling and talking. More students appear in the background.

Summer programs back on campus!

It was so exciting to have students ages 5–18 back at UW–Madison this summer for Badger Precollege and campus youth programs! Check out some of the action in this photo essay.

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A young woman with pink hair smiles as she points camera toward the viewer

Precollege students can cultivate creativity in these summer arts classes

Five arts instructors share what they’re looking forward to teaching precollege students this summer — from music production and composition to photography and creative writing.

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Black-and-white image of 25 young people on the steps of a building. The students are dressed all in white and pose with a selection of percussion instruments. Their instructor sits in a chair at the bottom of the steps in front of the students.

Celebrating 85 years of UW’s tuition waiver for musicians

Adopted in 1937, The UW Tuition Waiver Award has helped to launch the professional music careers of hundreds of students over the years.

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Rob Dz

Award-winning artist to teach hip-hop, songwriting at Summer Music Clinic

Rob Dz is a hip-hop musician, spoken word artist and Kennedy Center-certified teaching artist. This summer, he revises his role as instructor for UW–Madison’s Summer Music Clinic.

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Badger Precollege on La Movida

La directora asociada Ola Skyba conversa con La Movida Radio sobre las próximas oportunidades en Badger Precollege. Mira la entrevista aquí.

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Pedestrians and students walk among the colors of the fall leaves near Bascom Hall at the University of Wisconsin–Madison during autumn

Badger Precollege grads find success as UW–Madison students

The precollege program strives to help all students find their personal path to college — and to develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed when they get there.

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Group of teens studying in a park

WCATY changing its name but not its mission

The 30-year-old UW–Madison program will maintain its programs and its commitment to creating a community for academically curious students in grades 1–12.

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WORT logo

Badger Precollege on WORT

Assistant Dean Christopher Pevey Harry talks with WORT 89.9 FM Madison about Badger Precollege and what’s new for summer 2021.

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