A diverse group of students standing outside school building.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Badger Precollege upholds the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion as we seek to create programming that values the richness of diversity and the importance of an inclusive community of students, faculty and staff. We strive to increase accessibility to quality precollege programs for ALL students.

Our students are the embodiment of our hopes for a better future and deserve a platform that encourages dialogue and harnesses the unbridled passion for social justice that our youth possess. To this end, we endeavor to educate and entrust our community to use their voices to foster meaningful change for a more inclusive and just world by providing a welcoming environment for inquiry, reflection and shared accountability.

We further recognize that this is an ongoing task, and we are dedicated to investing the time and effort required to bring about such change.

Badger Precollege supports diversity initiatives in all of our programs by developing innovative, inclusive curricula designed to promote critical thinking, cultural competencies and social justice. We provide faculty, staff, families and students with resources to continuously engage in our joint efforts to combat inequities in our community and beyond.

We lead by example in hosting the annual Latino Youth Summit here on the UW–Madison campus and by offering LGBTQ+-inclusive housing options in our residential programs. Fostering strategic partnerships to increase diversity admissions and fully leveraging available funds to allocate scholarships are top priorities at Badger Precollege.


The UW–Madison Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement has compiled Resources for White Allies.

The Children’s Cooperative Book Center, a part of the UW–Madison School of Education that receives additional support through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, can provide guidance in finding and choosing multicultural reading material for K-12 students. They have created a Diversity Resources: Multicultural Literature page.

A few informative podcasts from National Public Radio include Talking Race With Young Children and ‘Raising White Kids’ Author On How White Parents Can Talk About Race.