Summer music senior session performs in Music hall

Senior Session (Grades 9-12)

Daily Schedule


8:00 a.m. Check in: Community
9:00 a.m. Welcome, Guest Performer
9:45 a.m. Required Course 1
10:45 a.m. Elective 1
11:30 a.m. Elective 2


12:00 p.m. Lunch (Off Screen)
1:00 p.m. Community Activity
1:25 p.m. Required Course 2
2:20 p.m. Required Course 3
3:10 p.m. Community Activity
3:30 p.m. End of Day
Summer Music Clinic students sing as a group with their teacher

Community Activities

Students will take part in Summer Music Clinic traditions, meet their community managers and connect with peers from across the country and world.

Guest Performer

Like in past years of SMC, students will have the opportunity to listen to musicians who have honed their craft and excel in their field.

Class Electives

African Dance/Dance Hip Hop 

Learn to dance these genres and the music we utilize in this medium. 

Careers and Paths

This course will be an exploration of the variety of opportunities in the music business and how to get there! 


Learn fluid beat patterns and expressive skills, view scores from classic literature to contemporary compositions, and experience the perspective from the podium from preparation to performance skills.

Critical Listening

One of the most important skills we have as musicians, sound engineers, consumers of music, etc. is our ability to listen and critically to certain sounds to perfect our work! This course will guide you through skills to improve your listening skills in all parts of your life.  

Diversity in Music

The events of our World influence music and music influences the events of the World. This  course is a survey of cultures of music around the World, who makes it, who is included, and who is excluded in history and now and why. 

Evolution of Rock 

Most people agree that Hip-Hop was born out of the Bronx in the 1970s, but elements of the art form were present much earlier. Learn about key cultural events, people, and politics that shaped Hip-Hop over the years and where it is today.

Film Music

Learn about the rich genre of film music and its history from the beginning of films with sound to modern day!

Global Drumming for Non Percussionists

Explore the vast array of drumming styles from the World in a drum circle/ensemble format online with what you have at home! Each student will get the opportunity to learn about global percussion instruments and learn their specific techniques.

Hip Hop

Most people agree that Hip-Hop was born out of the Bronx in the 1970s, but elements of the art form were present much earlier. Learn about key cultural events, people, and politics that shaped Hip-Hop over the years and where it is today.

History of Country

This course is designed to help us grow in our appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of country music, while learning about its cultural context. Is it folk music or what is folk music? Significant contributors to the development of country music are presented and landmark recordings are heard and discussed, and we will learn to place these uniquely American art forms into their historical, social, religious and philosophical contexts. We will also learn how popular music has and continues to shape popular culture. 

Jazz Theory and Composition

This class explores music theory as it explains the jazz genre. Acquire skills that help you combine melody, harmony, and rhythm creatively into your own music writing styles.

Movie Musicals 

A look at the evolving genre of movie musicals, both in terms of original films and stage musical adaptations, and how film impacts our interpretations of stage shows.

Physics of Music

Explore a variety of scientific topics through a musical lens, from the impact of materials used in building instruments to the acoustic design of concert halls.

Sound Design/Electronic Music Mixing Techniques

This course will be a survey of sound design and mixing technologies and how to effectively utilize these tools!  

Sounds of Superheroes

Learn how to define “hero” as broadly as possible, covering more than just Marvel and DC. A survey of this genre of film, going back to the old swashbuckler films right up through Endgame, Black Widow, and The Rise of Skywalker – breaking down instrumentation and scoring techniques, continuity, and source/reference material. A look at diversity in scoring both in terms of sound and composers.

Spoken Word 

This course is taught in coordination with the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives (OMAI) at UW-Madison and their Spoken Word organization, First Wave. This course is designed to help us learn this unique spoken artform and its relationship to personal and current cultural experiences. 

Theatre in Contexts

Learn about the many areas of our world and life where theatre is present. How does theatre change the world and how does the world change the theatre? 

The Harmonic Style of 18th Century European Musicians (Music Theory)

To understand western music theory is to understand the building blocks of music you play and sing that is largely influenced by this tradition. This class will cover the fundamentals you need to know to support your development as a musician. Review major, minor, diminished, and dominant-seventh chords; clefs, notation, scale degrees, and musical rhythms and patterns. 

Vocal Coaching – Arias to Ariana

Whether you are preparing to belt your favorite pop song or floating up to perfect high notes in your aria, Arias to Ariana is for you. No matter your style, this class will help you learn helpful vocal techniques to bring into your daily practice as well as what harmful habits to avoid to keep your voice developing properly for years to come.

Yoga/Alexander Technique

A variety of relaxation exercises and meditations for mind and body that can aid with practice, performance, and general well-being.