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Summer Music Clinic

International Participants

Support for international participants

At Badger Precollege, we provide international students with engaging coursework and programming while offering different levels of support to ensure the best experience possible. In addition to the traditional program opportunities, international students have access to:

  • A Badger Precollege Community Manager who will work closely with international students to create a fun and educational atmosphere while in the program. The Community Manager will be available for students to communicate any ideas, concerns, or issues relevant to the programs.
  • An orientation session that covers all relevant information for the program and any questions that students or their families may have. It will cover technologies used in the program, what to expect within each synchronous course set up, expectations for the program and work done outside of course time, time zone set up, and many other topics.

English proficiency recommendations

To be successful in Summer Music Clinic, we suggest that students demonstrate at least intermediate-level English through a minimum TOEFL score of 80 or IELTS score of 6.5 or Duolingo English Test score of 105. If you do not have a test score available but would like to see if your English is proficient for Summer Music Clinic, you may request a phone or video interview with Summer Music Clinic program staff. To schedule an interview, please email smc@wisc.edu.

Time zone considerations

Summer Music Clinic requires students to participate in online synchronous learning during central time on the days listed. Please use this tool if you live in another time zone.