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Summer Music Clinic Financial Information


There are three main routes to receive scholarship assistance for Summer Music Clinic:

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Apply for scholarships through Summer Music Clinic

A number of need-based scholarship funds are available to domestic students. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide scholarships to international students at this time.

If you are applying for Summer Music Clinic Junior Session or Senior Session and are eligible for free or reduced lunch in the state of Wisconsin, submit the Precollege Scholarship Application. You may qualify for a full scholarship. Please be sure to complete both sections of the form and have an authorized representative from your student’s school complete and sign Section II: Verification and Recommendation.

If you are applying for Summer Music Clinic Junior Session or Senior Session and are not eligible for free or reduced lunch in Wisconsin, submit the first page of your 1040 form of the most recent year’s tax return with Social Security numbers redacted. If extenuating circumstances (i.e. loans, loss of employment) are not reflected on your tax return but are affecting your family’s finances, please also submit your financial need story.

Reach out to the SMC Team for ways we can assist you as a student and family, a teacher advocating for their students, and/or a school administrator.

Important Dates for Scholarships

The deadline for all summer scholarship applications is April 10, 2022. SMC cannot allocate aid to students who have not registered for the program. As such, the student’s SMC registration must also be completed by April 30, 2022.

Notification of aid

Families will be notified of decisions via email as soon as our scholarship committee meets to process the application. SMC is committed to making an allocation of scholarship funds to allow the largest possible number of students to attend our programs. Families will be required to submit their intent to accept scholarship aid. Families must do so by the deadline posted in your award letter or this may result in a loss of partial or full aid award.

Financial aid policies

Applications will be reviewed by SMC’s Financial Aid Committee. All requests will be considered and maintained in confidentiality. As part of the application process, please remember:

  • Wisconsin students are given preference for scholarship aid, but it is available to everyone.
  • Applicants should first check with school officials to see if local monies are available to cover program costs.
  • Applicants should inquire about local financial support through businesses, service organizations, etc.
  • All materials supporting your application must be received by SMC no later than the financial aid deadline.
  • Applicants will be notified of awards by early June, 2022.
  • Aid is determined by analyzing family income and extenuating economic circumstances according to the Income Eligibility Guidelines used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s School Lunch Program.
  • Available funds for financial aid vary from year to year and past aid awards may not be an indication of current available support.
  • Additional information may be requested from students and/or families prior to notification of aid.

Apply for scholarships through community organizations

Some community service organizations such as local Kiwanis or Rotary chapters may offer scholarship opportunities for local students. Also, school music boosters or other support organizations within your school district or community may have funding available. Be sure to check for local resources in your community.

Apply for scholarship aid through the Philharmonic Chorus of Madison

Each year beginning in January, the Philharmonic Chorus of Madison accepts applications for full scholarships to the UW–Madison Summer Music Clinic Senior Session. For over 40 years, the chorus has awarded scholarships to high school music students in the greater Madison area, awarding over $63,000 in scholarships benefitting more than 145 students. The chorus scholarship initiative is open to vocal music students completing Grades 9–12. Students interested in applying for a full scholarship should contact their school vocal music teacher for an application. The completed application deadline changes each year but is normally due near the end of February or the first part of March. Those chosen will receive full scholarships paid directly to the UW–Madison Summer Music Clinic on their behalf. This scholarship award includes tuition, room and board, recreational activities and other expenses for a week long vocal music opportunity at the UW–Madison campus. For more information visit philharmonicchorusofmadison.org.

Refund policy

The $50 processing fee is nonrefundable. Refunds may take up to eight weeks to process, starting from the time a written request is received by Summer Music Clinic.

Refund schedule

All program applications must be accompanied by the nonrefundable registration fee before they can be processed.

Period Percent of refund
Withdraw during the period of registration up to one month prior to the first day of the program: 100% refund

Full refund will also be issued in the following cases regardless of date:

  • A course of choice is canceled.
  • All course choices are closed.
  • Financial aid is not adequate for participation.
  • Student injury or illness.
Withdraw during the period of one month prior to the first day of the program – two weeks before program start 90% refund

Nonrefundable 10% is used to cover class supplies, books, transportation and administrative and teacher salary costs that were incurred during this period of program planning.

Withdraw during the period of two weeks before program start – Day before opening day of program 80% refund

Nonrefundable 20% is used to cover risk management fees, University Health Services fees, class supplies, books, transportation and administrative and teacher salary costs that were incurred during this period of program planning

First day of program and any time after No refund

Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for any refund. Students who voluntarily leave while the program is in session are not eligible for any refund.

Cancellation policy

Badger Precollege reserves the right to cancel classes when necessary, including those for which enrollment numbers are not sufficient, or those for which a highly qualified instructor is unavailable. In the case of course cancellations, we will be happy to help you choose an alternative course. If no acceptable alternative is available, we will refund any tuition paid, minus any nonrefundable application fees or deposits.