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SMC in Focus: Music Production

SMC In Focus is a small intensive online experience related to Summer Music Clinic with a specific topic that rotates each year. Students will spend three days with a community of peers, building music content knowledge and putting it to practice. The three-day experience will culminate in a sharing of the coursework completed and final projects.
Upcoming Dates
  • July 26–28, 2022
    Tuition: $450
    Tuition includes a nonrefundable $50 application fee.

Business Ethics: Capitalism, Ethics and the Paradox of Self-exploitation

This course is a study of the central ethical problems related to business and how we might apply ethical principles and standards to solve these problems. In addition to thinking about what makes actions right/wrong, we will be concerned with how best to live meaningful lives and what our moral obligations are to each other. 
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.

Money, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Innovation

Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, blockchain technology innovations have been disrupting the fundamentals of how people interact with money. This course is designed for students who have interest in the future of finance, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the intersection of financial technology and computer science. Explore the origins and evolution of money and learn how Bitcoin and blockchain technology is trying to solve the current challenges of the digital financial world. We will explore the concepts of decentralization, smart contracts and tokens and further examine how these new technologies impact individuals, businesses and big financial systems.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.

Music, Art & Technology: Explore the World Around You

This course provides an opportunity to explore, and build, connections between the arts and the environment. Students in this course will create as an individual and as part of a community. Projects include creating your own art in the environment and observe nature’s effect on your work, as well as community creations including a community rap and mural.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.

STEM Exploration (EducationUSA Connects)

High school students will be taken on a journey of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) as they chart their own educational and career pathways to become the STEM superstars of the future. Students will investigate their own interests, values, and skills through interactive activities, as well as explore the dynamic world of STEM careers and trends. They will learn about accomplished scientists’ and professionals’ success stories, and become acquainted with the many ways to navigate STEM at UW–Madison. This course will also include talks with UW–Madison STEM experts.
Upcoming Dates
  • Not scheduled at this time. See page for program description.