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Welcome to Badger Precollege

What can young learners do at UW–Madison this summer? Just about anything. Badger Precollege offers an array of academic programs for students ages 6-18 — from advanced learning programs and STEM classes to music clinics and college readiness conferences.

Whatever you choose, your student will enjoy the university’s outstanding facilities, resources, faculty and staff — all while getting to know the UW–Madison campus, pursuing their passions and meeting new friends. Financial assistance is available for most programs.

International students are welcomed and encouraged to apply for our high school programs. Learn more about our international programs. We look forward to meeting your student soon!

Badger Precollege Senior | Grades 9-12

Immersive college-prep programs for students completing grades 9-12. Students select a course or area of interest, explore campus and learn with their peers.

Two young males and a teacher work out a problem on a whiteboard.

Badger Precollege Junior | Grades 1-8

Day and residential programs designed to engage, challenge and inspire advanced learners in elementary and middle school. Students explore one area of study, build community and make lasting friendships.

WCATY participants show off their hands after doing finger painting

Summer Music Clinic | Grades 6-12

A week-long residential program that provides middle school and high school performers the opportunity to learn from experienced educators, enhance their skills and create a community.

Summer Music Clinic students play the strings

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chancellor mnookin standing behind a lab table, talking with students in a classroom

Chancellor Mnookin attends classes with Badger Precollege students

The chancellor’s visit showed how UW–Madison is committed to helping precollege students learn about the university and the world around them.

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Latino Youth Summit previewed in Madison365

Madison365 spoke with Badger Precollege staff about the annual Latino Youth Summit for middle school students — and how it helps young learners prepare for college and career.

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A female instructors walks between tables of Latinx middle school students, encouraging their work during UW–Madison's Latino Youth Summit.

Latino Youth Summit invites middle schoolers to explore college

La Cumbre de la Juventud Latina invita a estudiantes de secundaria a explorar la universidad.

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Looking for other UW–Madison youth programs?

We are happy to include information on our site about the many sports camps, leadership summits, field trips, and other youth programs offered by our UW–Madison partners, including Badger Sports Camps, Wisconsin 4-H, the Language Institute and others.

You will find these programs as you search our site, along with a link so you can learn more and register with those programs directly.

Explore UW–Madison Precollege programs

Several UW–Madison youth programs have math components in their curriculum.

Explore UW–Madison Precollege programs with math components