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Application & Registration Process

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How do I register my child for a precollege program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison?

Each program provides registration information on its website.

To find out more information about programs, search programs for elementary, middle or high school students. From the search tool visit the program website to find more information about the program’s registration process and complete the application.

What forms do I need to submit?

All forms can be found on the resources page. High school and middle school students: Please submit the application, application fee, grade report and statement of purpose. GEM students: Please submit the online application and the application fee.

I don’t have a recent grade report for my child and/or my child is home-schooled. What should I do?

You may submit the most recent grade report you have for your child, this may include midterm grade reports. If your child is home-schooled we are flexible; past home-schooled students submitted examples of their work which they believed best represented their abilities. We will also accept recommendations from an adult familiar with the student’s abilities (i.e. a troop leader, home-schooling group leader or a leader of a service organization). Please call the Badger Precollege office at 608-890-3260 with any questions.

When will I know if my child has been accepted?

Applications are reviewed and students are accepted on a rolling basis. Typically you may expect to receive a decision within 2-4 weeks of applying.

My child has been accepted, what are the next steps?

Once a student has been accepted, they will receive communication to the email address provided upon applying. Included is information on acceptance, and various forms which parents and students should complete together and return to Badger Precollege using the instructions provided. ALP students may also have the opportunity to sign up for additional weekend experiences.

Staffing Questions

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Tell me about the instructors for Badger Precollege.

Many of our instructors return to teach year after year and bring with them a passion for their field or subject matter — and for educating young learners. Instructor backgrounds vary, from seasoned classroom educators and innovative professionals to current UW–Madison faculty and aspiring academics eager to share their knowledge with our students and our community.

Who works with youth in your precollege programs?

Program leaders include UW–Madison faculty and staff who are experts in their academic fields, as well as other university employees, students, and volunteers. We use background checks to screen all adults who interact with minors and require them to complete training in youth protection, health and safety. Find more about our commitment to youth safety.

What training do you offer for camp leaders or other youth programming professionals?

We offer professional development courses for UW–Madison program directors and youth programming professionals from the community. Visit Professional Development for course information.

Who supervises students in residential programs after they are done with class?

Students remain under the supervision of program staff at all times while participating in Badger Precollege programs. Each student will be assigned to a Residential Assistant (RA), who is typically a college student or young professional. Each RA is responsible for approximately 12–14 students and will live in their students’ section of the residence hall. The RAs are responsible for the residential aspects of camp and work closely with Badger Precollege students to create a fun and educational atmosphere.

Who should I contact if I have more program-specific questions?

For questions about:

Financial Questions

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How much do programs cost?

Fees vary by program and if your child is participating in a residential (overnight) or commuter (day) program. Please see your program of interest to learn more about tuition.

How do I apply for scholarship assistance?

Scholarship application forms may be found on the resources page. There are two avenues available to students applying for a scholarship:

  1. Students that qualify for free or reduced lunch will fill out the DPI Precollege Scholarship Application form. Please ensure the bottom portion of the form is completed by the student’s school to verify eligibility.
  2. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch may apply for scholarships and their requests are considered based on a scale of income-to-family-size. Families are asked to submit the first page of their most recent tax return. Families may also include a personal statement detailing any special circumstances they believe impacts their financial situation.

When will I know if my child received financial aid?

The deadline for financial aid will be April 1 for all summer programs. The priority deadline for financial aid is in early April and awards recipients are notified in late April. After the priority deadline has passed, additional requests will be reviewed and funds will be allocated based on availability. All financial aid requests must be submitted by the posted deadlines for full consideration.

If I have to cancel my registration, will I get a refund?

Tuition refund amount depends on the proximity of cancellation to the program start date. Application fees are nonrefundable. For more detailed information, please review the refund policy section of the financial information page.


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Media Release

Photography and video: By registering for this program, I understand Badger Precollege at UW–Madison Continuing Studies may take photographs and/or videos of participants and activities. I agree that Continuing Studies shall be the owner of and may use such photographs and videos for the promotion of its programs. I relinquish all rights that I may claim in relation to the use of said photographs and videos.

What can I do to communicate special circumstances or my child’s need for special accommodations?

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive campus experience. If your child needs an accommodation, you may fill out the Academic and Personal Profile form or contact Badger Precollege directly. Requests will remain confidential.

What is the process for communicating my child’s medical needs?

All health-related aspects of camp, including administration of medication, are handled through University Health Services (UHS) at UW–Madison. Badger Precollege and UHS staff work closely together to ensure students with medical needs are receiving appropriate care. Once your child is admitted to Badger Precollege, our system will prompt all attendees to submit their health/medication information directly to UHS.