An excited teenager uses headphones and a microphone to record music on the computer.

SMC In Focus: An Online Experience

Daily Schedule

9–9:30 a.m. Check-in and community activities
9:45–10:30 a.m. First course
10:35–11:20 a.m. Second course
11:25 a.m.–12:10 p.m. Third course
12:10-1 p.m. Lunch
1–2:35 p.m. Fourth course/active work time on projects
2:40–3 p.m. Community activities, daily checkout and culminating event on Day 3

2022 Course Descriptions

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DNA and Music

Do you love music but aren’t sure about the components of it? Have you ever wanted to compose a song but you weren’t sure where to start? Have you noticed how music has regular patterns and sequences of notes, from the melody to the rhythms of a song? We are going to explore these questions through the lense of the building blocks of life where patterns govern the way molecules of DNA are formed. We are going to create our own unique music using these patterns of DNA to generate melodies, harmonies, rhythms and chord structures based on the nucleotide building blocks of DNA. Our DNA music will be a new and extraordinary way of experiencing the complexity of life!

Music Production/Looping How To

Today’s phones, computers, and digital devices are equipped with amazing musical technology. They can turn your ideas into an original recording, podcasts, and more — but how to use these tools? This simple, do-it-yourself course will show you the basics and/or advanced techniques using free tools and/or the equipment you have at home. Topics covered could include MIDI, microphones and interfaces, audio editing, mixing, and other top-secret techniques for using everyday items to create musical genius! Tell stories without saying a word through the foundations of looping and making beats.

Music Production of your Creation

Take your music from “here’s a song I wrote” to “I can’t believe it sounds so good” by learning how to produce like a professional, well, Producer! Learn how to use creative effects such as reverb and delay to elevate your song to the next level. Play your music for the group and get feedback on everything from arrangement and harmony ideas!

Social Justice through Music

Music and sound are important tools across a wide spectrum of social movements. In this course, we’ll explore some of the ways that musicians, demonstrators, artists, and community organizers use these tools to amplify their message and promote community through shared musical sound experiences.